Crystal Healing

Helping you become all that you can be crystal therapist Kyri Spencer

A healing crystal is special object because it is a pure material that forms only under very specific conditions and it is constructed of molecules that are arranged in an orderly pattern. This pattern extends in all three dimensions and as a result, the crystal resonates very readily. An example is the crystal glass that vibrates when a musical note (sound energy) contacts the glass. A pure crystal, because of its structure, has a frequency at which it will resonate when energy contacts it.

Wrist watches and computers keep time based on this principle: a crystal inside them pulses at a precise frequency when electrical energy is passed through it.

We are surrounded by and penetrated by energy at all times and across all frequencies. That same energy contacts and passes through crystals and in doing so, causes them to resonate. Crystals with various resonance frequencies are placed on different parts of the body, corresponding to the chakras and energy centers. They are also placed around the body to construct an energy grid, surrounding the body with healing vibration, disrupting blockages, and interacting with the body's own electromagnetic field. Every bit of matter is already in a state of vibration, and this includes the various parts of your body, the organs, the muscles, the bones, the nerve fibers, etc., each vibrating at their own rate.  Introducing a crystal resonating at the same frequency or at a harmonic frequency causes that part of the body to be stimulated. The fee for a crystal therapy session is $75.

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