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During a psychic reading, my role is that of the medium in which I act as an intermediary between the client and whatever entities or intelligences are present. I become a channel of communication and information between the client and these guides. It is these guides which are able to see outside of the narrow window of time that we call "now" and it is these guides which are able to see beyond the horizon of the narrow breadth of distance that we call "here". Seeing beyond the here and the now, these guides are able to offer knowledge, insight, and highly intuitive predictions of what possibilities will become inevitabilities.

For past and current events, psychic readings help people see the meaning and significance of the events, help them to see the lessons woven into those events, and allow them to understand the role those events may play in future events.

For future events, psychic readings help people to prepare themselves for what choices and what challenges they will face, for as it is said: forewarned is forearmed.  Psychic readings allow people to contemplate the paths available to them and to approach these crossroads with more confidence, avoiding missed opportunities and mistakes that will become a source of regret.

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I perform psychic reading sessions in person, by telephone, or by internet using web-camera video links with software such as Skype or Yahoo Messenger. For people who are unable to travel for a face to face session but still prefer a more personal reading, the web-video viewing option is the perfect alternative because it allows me to perform a psychic reading that can be observed from the comfort of one's own home.

The fee for a 30 to 40 minute session is $88

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Psychic Readings - Demystifying the Mysticism

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A Brief History
The ability for individuals to know the unknowable and foresee the unforeseeable has been documented since the dawn of writing itself. Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia left evidence in pictograms of the arts of divination almost 3000 years before the birth of Christ. In the following centuries the inhabitants of Mesopotamia scribed all the collected knowledge of the arts of divination in cuneiform on clay tablets. This tells us that for at least 5000 years mankind has recognized the fact that there are people with gifts that allow them knowledge beyond the scope of what information is available to them. For at least 5000 years mankind has had a fascination with knowledge of the future and contact with the departed.

For thousands of years leaders of city-states and nations consulted oracles before making decisions that would affect the course of history. They did this openly at first, and then more and more secretly, as ever increasing stigma was placed upon the arts of divination. Alexander the Great freely consulted oracles while Queen Elizabeth had favored astrologers and seers whom she conferred with very privately. Very early Christian texts had documented forms of divination not as heretical practices, but as acts of "divinare", the Latin word meaning to see beyond, to be allowed knowledge by divinity. It wasn't until much later that clerics of the same religious body declared those same arts as an offense.

Today leaders, facing a far greater scrutiny for holding unconventional beliefs, have abandoned consultation with psychics and oracles. However, in spite of the stigma and skepticism, police agencies the world round acknowledge that they receive valuable tips about cold cases from psychics and in some cases have recruited psychics to aid them in the investigation of cases which are proving unsolvable.

Undeterred by modern skepticism and religious stigma, today hundreds of thousands of people every year consult with psychics, seeking to gain insight about the choices that face them or advice about the difficulties with which they are coping.

What is the Gift? What is a Psychic?
Psychic medium Kyri Spencer The psychic gift is often referred to as second sight or use of the third eye because we consider our greatest source of information to be our vision. This is because with all of our other senses we ignore the vast majority of the information that is being received. With sight, our brains do not demote most of the information as being background noise while our minds quickly forget about sounds, smells, and touch sensations that aren't relevant to our fields of focus.

When a psychic gazes at a visual focusing agent such as a crystal ball, an image on a Tarot card, patterns in candle wax or in sand, in essence they are performing auto-hypnosis and are placing themselves into a hypnotic state. In a hypnotic state, the mind is extremely open to suggestion and is receptive to information without the filtering and interpretation that the conscious mind performs. This is what allows a hypnotherapist to provide suggestion that assists a person in removing negative habits from their lives such as smoking or substance abuse. For the Tarot reader, a partnership exists between the Tarot cards and the mind. The ordering and the orientation of cards drawn from a deck are only part of the equation. A reader chooses a deck which "speaks" to them, a deck that engages their mind fully, with cards that draw their complete attention, placing them in that hypnotic state. Often readers may have a favored Tarot deck or may alternate between several decks, choosing the one that speaks to them the most at a given time or circumstances. The symbols and characters portrayed on the cards reside in the collective unconscious: archetypes, some obvious, some subtle, some sources of nearly endless interpretation.

In the state of auto-hypnosis, the psychic becomes the medium, a conduit through which knowledge and information pass. This information can come from any number of sources and each psychic may connect to different sources of information. A clairvoyant is able to see beyond the narrow sliver of time we call "now" and the narrow breadth of distance we call "here" and envision amongst the nearly infinite web of possibilities the events which are probabilities and of those, events which may become inevitabilities. A spirit medium receives information from whatever entities or intelligences are present and these sources of knowledge may also have the capacity to see beyond the here and now, both into the past and into the future.

The Interconnectedness of Things and Events
Consider that which physicists through observation, measurement, and calculation consider the plausible origin of our existence. At the beginning of the cosmos, of time, all the matter that we are, all the matter that surrounds us, all the energy, all the light, the heat, and sound, the forces of gravity and of motion, every molecule in your body, every atom in every molecule, and every subatomic particle within those atoms, all these things existed as one single point of energy and information: not merely all things connected, but all things being one.

Having all shared the same origin, is it possible that some connectivity remains after the cosmos was formed from that single point? Even the emptiness of space, physicists speculate, is full of matter and energy. In essence, everything touches everything else, in both space and in time.

Does the butterfly flapping its wings in South America affect the weather in Central Park and is that butterfly actually part of a system which appears as chaos only due to its complexity? Our individual lives can be chaotic but we are part of a complex system and we are butterflies surrounded by butterflies. A psychic has the ability to sense their wings in motion and to foresee the rain that falls in Central park. They have the ability to stretch their perception out beyond the limits of the five known senses and to tap into the connections that exist between all that was once one.

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