House Blessings and Cleansings

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A house is a structure of concrete, wood, and nails.
A home is a sanctuary, a place that fosters comfort, security, and happiness.

The walls of a home exist not only to keep out the cold, the heat, the wind, and the rain, they are there to protect and to grant privacy. It is important that these walls be fortified and reinforced with the power of intention.  It is equally  important that what is surrounded by these walls, your living space, is clear of negativity in addition to being protected from the intrusion of negativity. People have an effect on their surroundings, we imbue them with our presence and imprint them with our spirits. People that come and go and events that happen can leave impressions that are positive or that are negative.

House blessing and house cleansing are ancient traditions practiced in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism as well as other spiritualities.  Traditions exist for both the asking for blessings of good fortune for the occupants as well as for the cleansing of a home which has become tarnished with negativity

A house blessing or cleansing consists of a ritual blessing of each room, using incense, sacred water, removing lingering energies and impressions and drawing in positive energies.  In some cases herbs, crystals, or symbols are left in rooms to aide in the cleansing or to promote the preservation of the blessing. The fee for a house blessing or cleansing is $50 plus the cost of materials. If significant travel is involved, that cost will need to be included in the fee.

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