Pain Management

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Physicians classify pains that people experience under two primary categories: acute, the pain felt during recovery from injury or during healing from surgery, and chronic, long term pain associated either with injury or with conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.  Pain management therapy can address pain that is categorized under either classification.  By using pain management during and after a medical procedure, studies have shown that a patient is able to recover more quickly, is able to manage with reduced levels of pain medications, and is actually less likely to have complications during the procedure itself.

The reliance on medications to combat pain is not without cost. Medications have hazards, side effects, and eventually have an impact on the organs of your body as they pass through them over time. Often the body builds up a tolerance to a medication and it becomes increasingly ineffectual until dosages cannot be safely increased and other medications must be tried.

Supplementing or replacing medicinal solutions to pain management with non-medicinal techniques allows one to minimize or entirely avoid these issues.  By using visualizations and guided meditations, hypnosis, sound healing, and crystal therapy, I am able to help you to counteract the body's pain response and diminish the level of the pain that you are currently experiencing. I am also able to give you tools that you will be able to use to further combat pain on your own.

The fee for a pain management session is $75.

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