Past Life Regressions

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"Every Beginning, after all, is nothing but a sequel, and the book of events is always open in the middle" - Wislawa Szymborska

In a very literal sense, a small amount our bodies returns to the Earth each and every day of our lives. At the same time a small amount of our bodies is rejuvenated from the Earth. This happens every day of our lives until the day upon which the body is returned to the Earth entirely. In a very literal sense, our physical bodies are reborn, reincarnated, as the molecules become the nutrients that nurture other life, that nurtures other life, and so on. From ashes, to ashes, from dust, to dust: all spiritualities and religions acknowledge that our physical being comes from the Earth and that it returns to the Earth when we are done walking the path of our current lives.

But this speaks only of our physical being, the body. What of the spirit that resides within, the essence, the soul, that which transcends the boundaries of the physical being? A lifetime of experiences, knowledge, memories, the spirit may be imbued with some or all of these when the spirit is no longer harbored within the body. The spirit may wish to return to the physical and when that occurs, some trace of these of experiences, knowledge, and memories may be imprinted on the next physical manifestation. The experiences, knowledge, and memories of a previous lifetime can play a part in shaping our character and influencing our actions. We may have aptitudes and traits that are the result of the knowledge gained during a previous lifetime.  We may also carry over negative things such as pains and fears that are the results of negative experiences or traumas.  

Knowledge of your past may help you gain from it.  Knowledge of your past may help free you from it.

When a person is facing difficulties in this life due to carried over pain or fear, sometimes knowledge of the past is not enough to break free of the chains linking them to that past. A past life regression goes further than a past life reading, it allows a person to revisit episodes in that life, this time as an observer. In doing so, a person is able to fully acknowledge the experiences and to learn the lessons of the experiences.

I perform past life regressions in face-to-face sessions with clients.  I recommend that the session be recorded as there is often a great deal of information that is conveyed.  The fee for a session is $80.

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